Posted by Tiffany Kimmet on

Well, it's 2024! It's a little hard to believe that it's here already!

I wanted to THANK each and everyone of you that continue to support us every year! We appreciate it more than you could ever know. We are very blessed to have customers/friends like you. I always say we have the best customers and I truly mean it! Without your support, encouragement, and friendship, we wouldn't have lasted this long! It's been a hard journey (whose isn't!) but we would do it again and again because of you. Thank you!!

Also, wanted to THANK all of our artist/vendor friends for supporting our store! Without you our store wouldn't be what it is...filled with beautiful, unique, handmade items that I love! 

All I have to say is God is good!! Not a day goes by when I can't believe how good He has been to me. Blessed me beyond all measure. 

Now that January has arrived, I spend my time finishing up all the paperwork, taxes, work on the website, think of new pictures, displays, etc. Jason spends his time fixing what broke throughout the year and cleaning. I've never really enjoy cleaning. It something I have to do but he seems to like it. So I would rather spend time finishing up all the never-ending paperwork while he cleans, fixes lights, walls, doors, dishwashers, etc. 

I remember a long time ago about 3 years after we started doing shows, our kids were still little, and we didn't really know what we were doing. I was at one of my favorite shows of all time, Country Living in Columbus. That show was the best! There was such an excitement to it that no other show had. Anyway, my friend came to my booth and asked me if all my dreams were coming true. I said, "Yes, but my house is falling apart!" That is still true to this day. It never fails for something to not work or break or a leak or something! I will have to say I'm not quite sure how we did it back then. At least now, our kids are pretty self-sufficient and we are able to get things done, relax, have some fun & spend time with our cats. I could very easily be a crazy cat lady but for now 2 is enough!

Anyway, THANK YOU for another great year! Look forward to seeing you in 2024!

Tiffany and Jason