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Last night I realized that it's been a long time since I last blogged!  As I was thinking what I should write about, I thought about my apples.  We have these apple trees in the backyard of the store.  I looked forward to them.  They are never perfect.  Actually they are probably the worse looking apples I have ever seen!  They are always slightly odd looking with holes and bruises and all different colors.  We have never had time to really take care of them plus I like organic food.  So in my mind, I think these are truly  But the look of them never has never bother me.  I cut the apples and dehydrate them.  Once they are cut up, I put cinnamon on them and they are delicious!  If I have any left because my family devours them, I will take them for a snack when I do shows.  Whoever my vendor neighbor is will enjoy them with me.  

Anyway, back to thinking about what I was going to blog about.  God brought it to my mind that we are like these apples...all kinds of shapes with lots of bruises and holes.  Most of the bruises and holes, we can't see but if we look closely they are there.  But when we accept Jesus in our lives, the bruises and holes start to heal.  It's never a quick healing and at times is very ugly but over time one by one all of our bruises and holes are filled in and we are made into a beautiful apple!

Our shows have started again.  We aren't doing as many shows as we have done in the past but we will have one every weekend for awhile.  Our son plays football on Saturday mornings. We're taking turns doing shows so we both can watch him play.  Our daughter is off at college for her second year.  We are hoping to see her sometime in October.  She's 9 hours away which I don't like but I talk to her almost daily so that makes up for it.  

The store is going well.  I'm really excited about the Fall and am planning an Open House on 9/23-9/25.  I have new products coming in and a lot of Fall & Winter items coming in.  All handcrafted.  I will have more info shortly.  

Hope everyone was able to enjoy the summer.  It's quickly coming to an end.  Hope to see you at a show or the store!

God Bless