"Be Still, and know that I am God;" Psalm 46:10

Posted by Tiffany Kimmet on

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  It was a different Easter for us since we didn't go anywhere but it was nice.  We watched church, ate good food, played a few games, and watched a movie, "A Case for Christ".  That is one of my favorite movies and I'm glad we got to watch it as a family.  I highly recommend it.

My daughter and I have been going for daily walks, sometimes two!  I will miss those when this is over.  I'm glad I'm getting to be able to spend more time with her before she goes off to school.  She is going to be going to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  About 8 hours from home! We've been there twice and we both love it.  It's so beautiful and it's a good school.  She will have so much fun and get a great education.  We do a lot of shows in Virginia so we will have to plan it out to visit when we are somewhere near there.  

Our son will be turning 14 this summer.  Hard to believe!  They grow up so fast.  Everyone says that but until you actually experience it, you don't realize how fast time goes.  He is loving not going to school.  He gets up, gets his work done and has fun the rest of the day!  He started his own card business (football and basketball cards) so he spends a lot of time on that.  He will definitely have his own business when he grows up.  When he was little, he would go on sales calls with Jason and I.  He has a good business sense about him.  I tease him and tell him he will need to take over our business.  When we're too old, someone needs to keep the Happy Goat going...lol.

Jason has been doing a lot of printing. We will be ready when the shows start again!  We are now caught up with extra inventory.  We haven't been caught up with inventory for about 2.5 years! It's a good feeling to be getting things done.  

I've been working on things that I never had time for before.  Trying to get all of our paperwork more organized (lots of sales taxes for each state) and improving the website which take a lot of time!  I'm grateful for this time and have enjoyed not really having a schedule.  

Hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!