God's Greatest Gift

Posted by Tiffany Kimmet on

I say this picture is my story.  Before this time, I had always wanted to be a photographer.  I have been taking pictures my whole life but it wasn't until this set of pictures that I realized these were 'good'!  My husband made me go on a trip to Tucson, AZ.  I didn't want to go at all!  I tried to get out of it but couldn't.  I hate to fly and that was one reason why I didn't want to go.  Anyway, I got on the plane and met him out there.  He was already there for his job.  

When I got to the hotel, I saw a brochure of the most beautiful doors I had ever seen!  I loved all the vibrant colors!  In the Midwest, you don't paint your house bright colors and if you did everyone will talk about that house and not in a good way!  I asked about the doors and found out where they were and that's the first thing I did.  I went to that neighborhood and took pictures. 

I ended up having a great time and we got to come home together on the plane. When I saw the pictures I took, they were the best ones I had ever taken!  I didn't want to take them to Walmart like I had done in the past to get printed.  I wanted somewhere good.  I ended up going downtown and finding someone to print them.  He ended up becoming a great friend.  When he printed the pictures, he asked me if I wanted to be in the first-ever Tiffin Art Show.  I said, "YES!!!".  I had always wanted to do an art show!  I had only ever been to one or two in my life but I thought how fun!  

I took my pictures home and was so excited!  As we looked at this picture, we noticed that on the bench it has 'God greatest gift put man's dreams to heart.' on it.  It wasn't until I started to do art shows that I noticed the bush was in the shape of a heart.  Then it took me even longer to realize what this picture represented.  I had been having heart issues ever since I was pregnant with my son (at the time he wasn't quite 2 and he is now 14).  That is the reason why I didn't want to go to Tucson.  I didn't feel good and never knew when I was going to have problems with my heart. 

Little did I know, God was going to use the worse thing in my life and turn it into the best.  After that first art show, I was hooked. I wanted to do more.  About a year or two later, I started to add the verses to my pictures.  Once I did, I knew that is what I was meant to do.  God didn't take away what I was going through but I knew there was a bigger plan than me and I learned to trust Him and not to fear my future.