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It's been awhile since I've blogged. Still learning how to manage the store, shows, and life in this season. I look back and don't know how we did it when the kids were little.  They are older now, 20 & 16...can't believe it, so it should be easier but now we have new complications to due with but who doesn't. I love the store. It's been so much fun and LOVE the community that have supported us throughout the years. I can't forget the customers from shows that have traveled to come to the store! What AMAZING support!  It's funny how things work out.  I opened a store in 2010 before I was ready and knew what I was doing (I still don't know but can pretend better now LOL). But I feel like I have come full circle and the customers have supported me the whole way.

We are doing about 25-30 shows this year but for the majority of them, we are doing together.  It's funny how when we do shows together it's really easy. It takes a lot of time to get ready for them but since we have the store I work on building product and orders between customers. Being together, Jason drives. I can but don't want to LOL. The main thing is I can get food when I need food. I'm slightly needy in that area. If I don't eat, especially in the heat, I get sick and it's hard by myself to plan ahead and get food that sustains me. He makes sure I get food before I actually need it. He's a good husband!  The last few shows, I've had the best things...Philly Cheese Steak & Greek Pizza to name a few. 

I'm finding it hard to leave for days at a time now.  Jason gave me 2 cats for Christmas and they are the best! I totally am a cat mom now. I could get a little crazy with it so it's probably good I stay busy. I also have a little garden. I could never grow anything but I think I've learned a little secret. Boil banana peels and egg shells. The plants need the nutrients. Ever since I've been doing that, my plants look great!  So between cats and my little garden, I don't want to be gone for a long period of time LOL.  Xavier is in charge of both of them when I'm gone.  So far he has done a good job. 

Overall, we are all doing well.  Our daughter will be graduating college next year! That went by really fast. She is doing it in 3 years instead of 4 since she had so many credits from high school.  She is majoring in Pre Law.  It's exciting to see her navigate her life.  Praying she goes where God leads her.  Our son is starting to drive now. He's a really good driver. I kinda figured he would be since he traveled everywhere with us.  He would sit in the backseat and tell us when we would get low on gas!  For some reason, we both had some pretty close calls in the past. It's not a good thing when we are both like that!  At least we had one responsible person in the car!

It's been a good summer with shows so far.  It's been so good to see everyone again! Praying everyone is having a good summer. Thank you for all your continued support over the years!  God is AMAZING!

God Bless,