My Cup Overflows. Psalm 23:5

Posted by Tiffany Kimmet on

As I was relaxing this afternoon, I got an email saying another show has been cancelled.  I have to say I cried.  The other shows we saw coming.  We live in Ohio and the colleges were shutting down and we knew the schools would be closing soon.  So we were prepared to hear that our March shows would be cancelled or postponed and we were fine with that.  But this show is the end of May and that seems too far away to be cancelling.  I've done shows for so long that it's just part of me now.  I love talking with our customers/friends about God and the stories behind my pictures.  I look forward to the shows especially the ones I've been at for years because I feel like I know everyone and it's nice to catch up.

I know it's all good and God has a plan for all of us and I've actually been enjoying this time off.  I still work but now I'm doing all the things I never had time to do!  We also had time to have a Thanksgiving dinner.  We are always gone for Thanksgiving and have fun wherever we are but it was nice to be all together and have lots of good food!  It was a lot to clean up but it was worth it!  

I've also been going for daily walks with my daughter.  I will miss those when she leaves in the fall so every time she wants to walk I'm there!  My son and I love to ride bikes so we've been able to go for some long bike rides.  As I sat there today, after feeling sorry for myself, I realized that maybe this time is a blessing (praying for everyone that has been affected by the virus) and I need to enjoy every minute I get.  

God Bless.