Posted by Tiffany Kimmet on

So today I'm thinking how God has blessed us beyond all measure.  I'm excited because the construction to our store will be starting soon.  Of course, it costs double what we thought.  Doesn't it always?  But it will be how we envisioned it and will look so nice!  So it's all good.  I'm getting ready to meet with a few vendors today about selling their products and I get to go to my favorite antique store to find displays.  I've been in touch with my artists friends that I haven't talked to in a year.  Life is good.  

As I started thinking about God blessing us, it came to me it's all about perspective.  I'm going to focus on the good in life.  I'm not going to think about how our dishwasher broke, or how our freezer doesn't freeze, or how our daughter's new car broke down in the bank drive thru and that's only the tip of the iceberg.  The list could go on and on but those things will happen.  God will take care of us.  In all reality, our dishwasher doesn't really get our dishes clean very well, our freezer still keeps the solid things frozen - nothing else, and it's better for the car to break down here then when she is by herself at college.  

I have a feeling we all have a long list of the 'bad things' in life and if you think about it too long it would be hard to get out of bed.  But God has taken care of us this far and He won't forsake us now.