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We took it pretty easy this winter. My mom came over and we started making sour dough everything! I got a starter from my friend and it must be pretty hardy! I'm not one to follow directions or measure precisely, but it's still alive and it's been two months! The things that I make all the time now are Sour Dough English Muffins and Sour Dough Pancakes. They are so good! I had to put it away when the shows started in March. I got it back out in April and now only make things once or twice a week. All I know is that it always turns out and my family likes it. I never knew it was that easy or I would've done it a long time ago! 

Last year, Jason heard from a vendor friend about kefir water so this winter he started making that. I love it! I drink a big bottle a day! Good thing it's relatively easy to make and he doesn't mind making it. I have to say I used to take a lot of vitamins to feel good but since drinking the kefir I don't take any and feel good pretty much all the time! Now that's a miracle! Back in March, I did all 4 of our shows in 4 different states and was fine when I got home after the last show. We usually split it up but this year I wanted to do them all. I was tired of course but bounced back after being home for a day. The kefir has a ton of vitamins and minerals along with pre and probiotics. Too bad I didn't know about this years ago! We both love talking about the kefir so if you have any questions, let us know!

I'm excited about this year. We are slowing coming up with new products and pictures. Our newest item is the Happy Goat Co. Puzzle Collection. We currently have 12 different puzzles. I love them doing them! I think they turned out great!

We are now currently in the process of creating different t-shirts! It's going slowly right now because we are working on the designs. I think we will be able to have them ready for our summer shows. We will need a bigger booth soon! 

Thank you again for all of your encouragement and support! We appreciate it more than you know!

God Bless

Jason and Tiffany