When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Posted by Tiffany Kimmet on

Our new store will be open soon!  God must want me to work on patience!  I wanted to be open by now but we are waiting on a few things and I'm trying to be patient.  It's all good.  The main thing we are waiting on is the glass for the windows and doors but in the meantime it will give us plenty of time to get the displays together.  We have a lot of new products coming in!  I have a lot of artist friends that make beautiful, unique items along with all natural things such as lotions, lip balms, elderberry syrup, & dog treats!

When we decided to do this, I didn't really have any doubts.  We need to make a living somehow and I don't want to find a 'real' job.  We both have worked too hard to quit now.  Plus after working on my own (just speaking for myself not my husband), I would not make it with a real job.  I used to be in HR and I would probably have to fire myself for being late or taking a long lunch and not coming back, etc.  Anyway, we were picking out our new doors.  The guy said due to covid the doors and windows take about 10 weeks to get in but they have one set of doors that they have in stock if we want them.  The doors were laying on their side so when I looked at them, I thought I like them they like the arts and craft style.  The guy said do you see it?  I'm like what?  The doors were ordered by a funeral home out in the country and for some reason they didn't fit or want them.  So when I looked at them again the doors both have a big cross in the middle of them.  I started laughing and I knew the store was meant to be.  

God Bless