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When I was little, I loved crayons.  I still do!  There's something about coloring that is very relaxing.  I tell my kids about the time my older sister broke my 'brown' crayon.  I don't think she did it on purpose but it was a special brown and back then a big pack of crayons was special.  I would have to wait for Christmas or my birthday to get!   We just didn't go to the store and get extra things especially the big pack of crayons!  Now looking back, if that's the worse thing I remember about my childhood, I've been blessed!  Also, I now own a big pack of crayons that no one is allowed to touch!  

"I seek you with all my heart;"  Psalm 119:10

Our plaques come with a keyhole and a peg that is stored in the back of the plaque.  It’s all ready to hang or display on your desk or counter!  They come in 2 sizes - 5x7 or 5x10 depending on the picture.