Oops! Maggie 3 - Ropes

Subtle Verse

This one was also involved in the 'Birmingham' incident!  It was not good!  I didn't tell my husband about it until he saw the box of damaged product and asked about it...lol.  The incident was so bad.  Everything came crashing down and the sad thing is it was all my fault!  Can't cry when you do it to yourself!  Anyway, the bottom left corner is damaged.  The top left and bottom right is slightly damaged.  It just adds character, right?

"a time to laugh" Ecclesiastes 3:4

The ropes are indoor/outdoor material.  Perfect for a bathroom, hanging on your porch, or hanging on the wall.

The 11x14 Rope is made with a thicker plaque and rope.

Sold as is. Only 1 available. Originally $35 now $15